Learn To Balance On A Flat Rope Between Two Cliffs At Lonavla Slackline Festival

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Tents rigged up in the hills, and campfire sessions over organic dinner may sound like a classic beginning for the new year, but how about throwing in a dose of adrenaline as you rope-walk between two cliffs? Between Years Slack Festival, the second edition of a four-day adventure camp to be held in Lonavla, aims to celebrate slacklining, the sport of balancing on a rope or a strong strip of cloth tied above the ground. Different from tightrope walking, slacklining is dynamic and makes use of a loose string and the rope-walker’s weight to provide tension.


“The festival is an attempt to unite adventurers and slackliners from different countries to create a global community,” says Samar Farooqui, India’s slacklining champion and founder of a sport and recreation company that has organised this festival. After earning a degree in adventure tourism from New Zealand and participating in international tournaments, the 27-year old business administration graduate has made a profession out of slacklining. “I have performed with celebrities and represented India internationally, but the sport has seen little growth in India despite having a World Cup to its name,” he says. Although highlining (slacklining at an elevation, which is often considered the pinnacle of the sport) requires expertise, newbies can still learn the basics of slacklining a few feet above the ground through workshops.


An attempt to break the existing highline record in India is the highlight of the festival this year. As select experts from around the world, including Farooqui, try to walk 300 metres along the slackline, amateurs can witness the challenge, a short trek away from the festival location. “Although it depends on wind speed and other weather conditions, we are still aiming to finish 80 to 100 metres, which is almost twice the present record of 48 metres,” Samar explains.

The four-day event also includes outdoor screenings of adventure movies, from self-produced films by international aerial performers Flying Frenchies to commercial films like Untethered. With camping, music sessions, evening slackline play sessions and acro yoga for those who are not particularly fond of heights, the four-day escapade seems like the perfect way to kickstart a thrilling 2018. As Farooqui puts it, “The only prerequisite is love for fitness and the outdoors.”

From: December 29 2017 to January 1 2018
At: Duke’s Nose, Kurwande Village, Lonavla
Log on to : active8sports.com
Call: 9130005290
Cost: Rs 1,500 to Rs 5,000

Source: https://www.mid-day.com/articles/learn-to-balance-on-a-flat-rope-between-two-cliffs-at-lonavla-slackline-festival/18864190

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