Importance of Adventure in Life

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What is adventure? Anadventure is something challenging. In addition, an adventure is 
something that takes us out of ourordinary lives. An adventure usually involves challenging ourselves or tryingout something new. The word ‘venture’ can mean to try something without knowingwhere it will take us.

The word ‘adventure’usually has positive connotations. Though it may be challenging, an adventureusually makes us feel excited and en

There are many differenttypes of adventure. It might be argued that even something that other peoplemight think is ordinary is an adventure, if it makes us feel challenged andexcited. For instance, an adventure might be:

• Climbing a mountain.

• Travelling to a newcity.

• Going to the top of atall building in the city.

• Going white waterrafting.

The importance ofadventure :

1. Mental health.

The excitement andhappiness we experience during an adventure release hormones that are great forour mental health. Moreover, surmounting a challenge during an adventure is abrilliant way to leave us feeling positive about ourselves. Adventures give usa more positive attitude about ourselves and about life, all of which is justgreat for our overall mental health.

2. Expanding ourhorizons.

Trying new things ortraveling to other countries for adventures really expands our knowledge and experienceof the world. Sometimes, it takes an adventure to show us just how rich andvaried the world out there is. We realize that our perspective on the world isnot the only one, and that there is so much more for us to see, do and learn.Rest assured, after your first adventure you will be hungry for more!

3. Building friendships.

Sharing an adventure withsomeone is an excellent way to strengthen your friendship.W
hen you both experience those heightened emotions, and help each other toovercome the various challenges along the way, you develop a lasting bond.

4. Learning newstrengths.

Sometimes it takes anadventure to teach you just how strong, clever or brave you are. All of us havehidden strengths that we do not always know about. And, it can take anunfamiliar sit
uation to allow those strengths to shine. After all, if we simply stick toour ordinary daily routine, never challenging ourselves to try something new,how will we ever discover anything new about ourselves?

5. Making daily lifericher.

Leaving our daily routinefor a while to have an adventure means that we come back to our e
veryday life refreshed, and with a new perspective. After an adventure, ourdaily working day routine  itself seemsricher and more exciting, because our adventures have taught us to see theworld in a new light.


Everyone needs to add alittle adventure in their lives. What counts as an adventure is up to you. Whatwas your last adventure? And, if you could have an adventure in the future,what would you like it to be? Adventures do not need to be costly – in fact,you could start planning your next adventure right now. And, why not share itwith your friends as well? A&W

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