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The 11th edition of the TCS World 10K, a Gold Label race onSunday the 27th of May and was s
ponsored by the Tata Consultancy Services to mark the 50 years of TCS and the150th anniversary of the Tata Group.  TheIndian Elite line-up boasts of a complementary mix of recent champions andcourse record holders, while registrations for all other categories was peggedat 24,088 runners.

The ‘Mirchi Get Active’ Expo was held on the 24th, 25th &26th at Elaan Convention Centre and powered by Godrej Properties, it was a haven for runners and fitnessenthusiasts. Participating runners collected their running bibs at the expo.

Over 24 thousand registered runners, 15,200 participants hadregistered in the Open 10K, an increase of 1,495 from last year’s numbers.  The Elite start boasted of 105 of the World’sbest track and road racers, including the Half Marathon World Champion, Kenya’sGeoffrey Kamworor, Ethiopia’s Netsanet Gudeta, along with defending championAlex Korio. Bringing color to the spirit of running in Namma Bengaluru, 7150participants in the Majja Run category, 952 Senior Citizens and 486 participantsin the Champions with Disability category took part.

This year over 4,000 TCS associates, their families andcustomers participated in the TCS World 1
0K Bengaluru while contributing to social causes.

TCS World 10K  GreenInititaive

The TCS World 10K, is a 100% waste managed event. A 6-membercommittee, co-chaired by N
.S. Ramakanth & Ramprasad Viswanathan, Co-Founder – Friends of Lakes,Bengaluru along with members from CSOs (Swabhimaan & India Cares Foundation) and the runningcommunity. The committee has directed initiatives and processes to ensure adequatehousekeeping including segregation at source and waste management of the event. All the Bio degradable& non-bio degradable waste like Plastic, Tetrapaks would be recycled andmanaged till the last mile. The on-ground and course waste management washandled by Hasiru Dala Innovations.

All food waste was sent to a piggery and unutilized food &fruits were distributed by Swabhimaan. The Green Team identified and sorted thedry waste into different grades and sold it to respective category-focused recycling supply chain management systems. All flex and brandingmaterial used during the event was transported to the CSO Swabhimaan at their workstation inEjipura, which was converted to slum shelters and covers for crops, that areused by farmers in Kanakpura.

Procam Championing Corporate Social Responsibility:

Urban Forest at Madiwala Lake

In 2011, Procam International took on the challenge ofconverting the barren land along the periphery of the Madiwala Lake atBengaluru to a green and lush urban forest. Around 2.25 acres of space was slotted for afforestation by the Madiwala Lake and Tank Foundation, a committe eunder the Karnataka State Forest Department, Government of Karnataka.

Named “The World 10K Urban Forest” the land was used to plant and nurture saplings that could be planted across the Madivala Lake area. All the saplings planted have now blossomed into fully grown trees, some of which are fruit-bearing. Additionally, there are hundreds of plants that are cultivated in the nursery and then planted in and around the area. The entire stretch, once barren, now has substantial greenery and has become a frequently visited public space for the locals. The area also boasts a butterfly park with an impressive 45 different species of butterflies documented.

Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Project

The project, a first of its kind, in revival and waterconservation in the country, enabled by India Cares Foundation, Friends ofLakes & Biome and under the aegis of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru, has completed Phase 1 by providing a minimum of 65,000 Litres of water, every day,for Cubbon Park.  Conceived by Vishwanath S, popularly known as the Zen Rainman of BiomeEnvironmental Solutions & Ramprasad Vishwanathan, Founder Convener ofFriends of Lakes, the project involved working with indigen
ous communities of well diggers from Karnataka and re-vitalizing the 7existing wells of Cubbon Park. Post the de-silting & cleaning of the wells,6 of these wells were interconnected using pipes (made from recycled plastic)and electric motors now are providing 75% of the water supply as needed by the Horticultur
e Department in Cubbon Park. 

The second phase of the CPR would see the 2 water bodies insideCubbon Park being revived. During the coming months, there will be intensecleaning, repairs and construction of silt traps. Taking advantage of the rainsthis year, the project looks at strengthening bunds as well as making surethere is optimal collection of rainwater in the lakes. Additionally rain waterre-charge wells are being planned to ensure the required water security of the200 acre park for many more decades. The team will identify and study existingpathways to the Kalyanis and dig rain water wells with the help of 12-15traditional well diggers from the Manu Vadar community, with the aim to finishthe project by 2019.

The run has also taken the Cubbon Park Rejuvenation Programfurther by giving everyone the chance to contribute towards the project tosafeguard Bengaluru’s lung space, the total project cost, including all phases,is ` 95 lakh. Contributionscan be made at –

Mary Pierce – International Event Ambassador to the eleventhedition of the TCS World 10K.

Mary Pierce the last French to have won a Singles Title, at theprestigious clay-court Grand Slam – the French Open, was the InternationalEvent Ambassador to the eleventh edition of the TCS World 10K.

Having spent a lifetime on the tennis court, retiring in 2006 –Mary has found peace with her life script with God and on the island ofMauritius, where she trains young tennis players. Mary, was the international event ambassador of the TCS World 10K, will use her story ofstruggle, hard work and commitment towards excellence, to encourage the 25,000-odd people who took tothe streets for the eleventh edition of the TCS World 10K.

Mary Pierce said “I am excited to be the Ambassador for theupcoming TCS World 10k race in Bengaluru! I always enjoyed running, it was apart of my training. It not only builds you physically, but it also improvesyour health and strengthens your mind! I wish all the participants good luck& have a great race!” A&W

About the organisers

Since its inception in 1988, Procam International has been the driving forcebehind the growth and development of Indian sports. Envisioned by founders Anil & Vivek Singh,Procam is one of the foremost holistic sports management companies, involved in the promotion of national andinternational sports, sports consultancy, and live television programming.

Astute planning andexemplary execution of over 90 international events, in various sportingdisciplines including powerboat racing, cricket, football, tennis, distance running,squash, WWE & horse racing, among others, Procam events have elicited theparticipationof at
hletes of the highest calibre, as well as gathered huge public interestand attendance. Founder and promoter of some of the most distinguished roadraces in the World Tata Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon,TataConsultancy Services World 10K and the Tata Steel Kolkata 25 K have helpedredefine the health & fitness paradigm of our country.

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