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Adventure Tourism in Karnataka

Karnataka offers multiple adventure activities that are as diversified as its landscapes whether it’s on land, in the sky above, upon the hills or even under the sea. There are plenty of options for adventure in Karnataka. Hardcore Thrill seekers  can satiate their appetite for adventure by indulging in skydiving and for the ones looking for a leisurely activity, there is cycling. From the Nilgiri mountains to spotting endangered animals in the famed national parks and from its vast coastline that supports numerous water sports activities to skydiving, there is no limitation of options in Karnataka.

Read on for the adventure activities that should be experienced on an adventure trip to Karnataka.


Picture this, leaping out of a plane at an elevation of 9000-10000 feet like a bird. Feeling of floating amongst  the clouds and seeing the bird’s eye view of the Mysore city is ecstatic. Mysore in Karnataka is listed amongst the top destination to experience skydiving and it is gaining momentum every year. There are multiple types of skydiving that one can experience in Karnataka- static, tandem or accelerated free-fall. First-time skydivers should go for Tandem diving with professionals. Static skydiving is relatively less expensive and risky as compared to Tandem skydiving. In Static skydiving, adventurers have a free fall from an aircraft and parachute opens almost immediately after the fall. Accelerated Freefall is the fastest way to experience the solo free-fall, normally from 10,000 to 15,000 feet above ground level. Whether the person is a novice or an adventure buff, proper training is required to xperience every genre of skydiving. The diversity of view that comes in front of eyes is beautiful. One will come across the palaces, colonial architecture, hills and much more.

Places where one can experience skydiving in

Karnataka: Mysore

Best Time : Every season except monsoon season is perfect to do skydiving in Karnataka


Static Jump: 3,500 Ft- 4,500 Ft

Tandem: 9,000 Ft – 10,000ft

Accelerated: 10,000 Ft – 15,000ft

Microlight Flying

Microlight or Ultralight is a lightweight aircraft that

carries 1-2 people at the same time. Most of these aircraft look like hand gliders attached to the giant tricycles with a big motorized fan on the back. Feeling of soaring from the top of crashing waterfalls, dreamy landscapes, and picturesque monuments are wondrous. The scenic flight above the beautiful scenes will let adrenaline going like the clappers. The aircraft will fly over the city giving one a complete new view of familiar landmarks. Microlight brings one  to experience Karnataka like never before.

Places where one can experience Microlight Flying in Karnataka: Bengaluru (Jakkur airfield), Coorg and Mysore

Best Time to Go for Microlight Flying: Whenever the sky is clean

Duration: 10-30 minutes

White Water Rafting

From easy rapids at Bheemeshwari to the ferocious streams at Kodagu, there is plenty of white water rafting options in Karnataka. Some of these thundering rapids are challenging to even the most expert rafters. The stretches of white water rafting are hard to navigate and provide spills and thrills to the adventure seekers. In the regions like Honnemaradu, Kemphole, Gokarna, Sitanadi, Marawanthe, Dandeli, Devbagh and Karwar rafting is thriving because of water bodies like the river  Cauvery, the backwaters of Sharavathi and the mighty river Kali in Dandeli region. Also worth experiencing is the river Barapole in Coorg, here grades range from 4 to 5 rapids in the regular upper section & about 6 to 7 rapids in the lower section.

While rafting, on the either side of the river one can witness tiny hamlets, wildlife sanctuaries, and lush green forest. As the water bodies meander further, the rapids go from mild to wild, perfect for experts to practice technical roles. Several white water rafting training schools are available in Karnataka. Stringent safety measures are observed by all the organizers and all the equipments are well-maintained

Places where one can experience White water rafting in Karnataka: Bheemeshwari, Sitanadi, Kemphole, Netravati, Honnemaradu, Dandeli, Gokarna, Marawanthe beach, Karwar and Devbagh, Dubare &  Barapole in Coorg, Kali River at Dandeli National Park

Best Time to Go for White water rafting in Karnataka: October –February

Grade: Medium to Difficult

Scuba Diving

Netrani Island in Murudeshwara, Karnataka has over hundreds of operators that offer a fascinating tour of the  world below the surface of the sea. Bestowed with vivid marine life, pristine clean water and shallow deep water, Murudeshwara, is one of the best locales to discover the underwater world in India.

In short the place has all the perfect elements for a truly memorable holiday experience. From the bright reefs to myriad fishes hiding in walls, guided by the turtles and sharks, there is something for everyone in Karnataka.

Dolphins, corals, fishes, and sharks are some of the most prominent marine species, which are seen by the

scuba divers. Scuba diving is the best way to explore the underwater biodiversity of  the coast of Karnataka.

Place where one can experience Scuba Diving in Karnataka: Murudeshwara

Best Time: Mid October to mid May

Types of Diving Available: Hard coral fringing reef, coral bommies

Prominent species that can be spotted while diving: Whales, Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Great Barracuda, Cobia, Stingrays and Stonefish

Difficulty Level: Easy

Rock Climbing

When talking about best rock climbing destinations in India, it’s hard to ignore Karnataka. Peaks like Ramanagara, Savanadurga, and Turahalli are adorned with rugged terrains and gigantic boulders, which makes them the perfect places to indulge in rock climbing. Destinations like Ramanagara, Savanaduga, Turahalli and Madhugiri are perfect for adventurers and experts alike. All these places are backpackers’ heaven and the amazing view of the landscapes around are sights to behold.

Best Time : rock climbing can be carried out all through the year.


With more than 200 trekking trails in and around, Karnataka is slowly becoming favourite destination of the trekkers. The innumerable and unique landscapes of Karnataka beckon for an engrossing trekking adventure.

Most treks in Karnataka are graded between easy to moderate, also they can be enjoyed by novices as well as professionals. A large number of  trekkers turn up to Karnataka every year, and some even during the off season, to trek to the top of the vast selection of peaks that  Karnataka offers them. Apart from the adventure that is thrown up at every turn, the trails are blessed with numerous picturesque terrains and pleasant weather.

Best Places to Go for Trekking in Karnataka:

Aquatic Parasailing

For those, visiting Karnataka for some action-packed adventure, there is now one more added adventurous activity of aquatic para-sailing. Embellished with bright azure, pristine beaches, and an amazing crowd, Karnataka is gradually becoming a hot spot for para-sailors. Aquatic Para-sailing is a must try on a holiday to Karnataka, as there are so many pristine beaches that are lying unexplored.

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of the coastline, then Para-sailing at a beach is the thing for you. A strong lengthy rope is attached to a speedboat at one end and to a parachute at the other, into which you’ll be carefully and securely harnessed. Once the speedboat takes off from the beach, you’ll be suspended in air in the colourful parachute, with the wind gushing in your ears and the panaromic vistas delighting your eyes.

Best places to enjoy Aquatic Parasailing in Karnataka: Malpe beach, Gokarna Beach, Murudeshwara.

Best Time: Anytime of the year except during monsoons but best season is between October and April

Jetski Ride

With over 20 beaches, there are plenty of places to splash around in Karnataka and have some fun. Go with the waves flow on a jet ski in the coastal area of Karnataka.Jet skiing is tailor made for people who love speed, adventure and loads of water. The fun and frolic ride over the azure water lasts for 10- 15 minutes and curates some everlasting memories. All the jet skiing organizers on the beach offer  great looking jet skies along with the best equipment.

Best Places to enjoy Jet Ski in Karnataka: Gokarna Beach, Varuna Lake (Mysore), Netravathi


Motor Biking

The sheer pleasure  of riding a bike, the wheels rumbling on the highway, the  verdant  crop  fields passing by you, the cool breeze caressing your face, breathing in that pristine air in the lush forest, enjoying that warm cup of tea in a quaint tea shop by the roadside. The joy of heading from one place to the other  on a Motor bike in Karnataka is picture perfect. On one hand, here one can ride on the picturesque trail that starts from Mysore till Kannur, on the hand there are the 70 pulsating hairpins of the Kolli Hills; there is something for everyone in Karnataka. For those who want to go on a journey for the pleasure of riding then the roads of Karnataka are there to sate the passion for

riding. Needless to say, that the surrounding view that stay with throughout the journey are simply spellbinding.

Given  the beautiful climate that Bangalore and its surroundings enjoy throughout the year, there is no dearth of places you can take a road trip to  in a close proximity to  the city.


Imagine cycling over the meadows, on misty paths  fringed with coffee plantations,breathtaking  hillscapes, or along

the pristine beaches and the charismatic coastal line, all this can be experienced in Karnataka. The experience of

exploring every nook and corner of Karnataka on a cycleis simply amazing. Whether the tourist is looking for a short city tour or cross state, there are plenty of options in Karnataka.

Apart from these activities, tourists can also indulge in angling, boat rides, hiking, bungee jumping, camping, and kayaking.


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