Source: A&W Magazine

The Fastest Indian On A Motorcycle!

Distance : 3,733.50 km

Time: 66:38:40

Bangalore based biker Balaji Mohan rides from Arunachal Pradesh to Kutch in just over 66 hours!!!

The biker rode from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh to Koteshwar in Gujarat covering 3733.50 kms in 66 hours and 37 minutes. Adding  yet another feather to his cap, 34 year old Balaji Mohan, Lawyer by profession, Biker by passion, from Bengaluru has multiple biking records to his name, including the record of riding from Leh to Kanyakumari in 61 hours and circling the Golden Quadrilateral in just 89 hours!!

Balaji Mohan has now created yet another national record by riding from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh to Koteshwar in Kutch, Gujarat in just 66 hours and 37 minutes. This is the fastest ride ever done on a motorcycle from eastern India to the west.

Balaji Mohan commenced on this epic journey on March 29, 2017  astride his trusted Honda CBR 250R which was a trusty companion. The starting point was Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh through Assam, WB, Bihar, UP , MP,  covering a distance of 3,743 kms in 66 hours and 37 minutes, Balaji reached Koteshwar in Gujarat.

His latest accomplishment was a lot tougher as 65% of the journey was on bad roads. He had to stay focused as he rode through some narrow two lane roads.

The challenges he faced were too many, from braving vagaries of nature with rains in Tezu to road expansion at various locations. He found roads in Bihar the most difficult to navigate and roads across UP and MP also had some dangerous stretches.

Extreme temperatures were also something He had to contend with and took short regular power naps during the nights to have an early start the next morning.

Mohan only slept for 3 hours and 10 minutes during the 66 hour 37 minute journey and ate dry fruits and sipped on ORS to keep his body hydrated, and keep him going.

Balaji Mohan has completed yet another feat and appeals to those attempting such rides to prepare well, maintain road regulations and pay attention to health and diet. He states that such rides are all about discipline of mind, body and machine and never about speed.

“I always say, preparation is the key for any trip, It’s never about speed, it’s about being discipline in the road, health, diet and preparation.”


Starting Point:

Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh 29th March, 3:58 AM

Ending Point:

Koteshwar, Gujarat 31st March, 10:35 PM

Total Distance:

3743 kms + onwards and return journey to home

including a total of 8.5k kms in 12 days

Total sleep:

Power nap of about 3 hours 10 min in this

66 hours 37 min

Total time taken from East to West:

66 hours 37 min

Food during those 66 hours:

Dry fruits and ORS

Check out the GPS Log for more information and statistics.