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Career in Adventure Tourism

It is the UN’s Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development!

It’s well known that Sustainable tourism and

adventure tourism are intimately connected

Are you a smitten by wanderlust, crave for things that give you an adrenalin rush

Not sure??Just close your eyes and think “adventure tourism”

What do you see?

Jumping off a bridge with a bungee rope tied to your feet, diving off a cliff into the azure waters below, trekking through a rainforest, backpacking over the horse packing over narrow mountain passes, kayaking through iceberg-laden straits, scaling strange rock structures, and anything in-between.

What is adventure tourism and why is it worth studying? With its three distinct parts-physical activity, cultural exchange/ bonding with people, and connection with nature-adventure tourism is not only worth participating in the activities, it’s worth studying, too.

There’s risk.  There’s adrenaline.  There are new skills to experience-and for some adventure travelers, adding mastery over new skills  to their kitty. From bungee jumping, zip-lining, kayaking, deep-sea diving, backpacking , caving, mountain biking, mountaineering, trekking, diving, kite-boarding, and disaster tourism, adventure tourism has its place both in your travel, as well as your knowledge repertoire….

The industry relies on guides-the seasoned experts in each type of adventure.  They’re qualified in their specialized adventure sport, have strong interpersonal skills, and understand hospitality and business.

Want to explore this exciting field?

Let’s take a closer look at Why an adventure tourism degree could be considered a career!

    A Rapidly growing Field Adventure tourism is a big niche market. Last year, researches done by few international media channels and PR agencies have shown that international adventure tourism is expected to grow by at least 46 percent by 2020.  In 2016 alone, adventure tourism grew heavily in Europe, with a focus on paragliding, kite surfing, and mountain trekking.

What does this mean?

It means that there’s plenty of room for young experts to enter the field.  It’s not just the guides that the adventure tourism industry needs.  It’s everything that goes along with it, from experts in hospitality industry, to trip planners, event managers, marketing and finance directors, advertising, public relations, and communications.  Not to mention a desire to seek thrills like jump off a cliff while tethered to something precarious…

    What if I get Bored with the job?


Every day, every moment is filled with possibilities, you might never end up being stuck behind a desk staring at a screen …It doesn’t matter what the size of thecompany that you’re part of is.  You can lead tours anywhere in the world, anytime, depending on your desire and flexibility.  You can travel the world or stay put, and guide folks on adventures that they wouldn’t otherwise have.  Learn a new language. Learn new skills.  Learn how to negotiate with tour operators and other vendors.  Design an itinerary for a trip you’ve never taken, but will guide.  Try new foods.  Learn how another culture works.  Talk to new people. Go out! Connect to the world!

What are the necessary skills?

You need a passion and desire to get involved, connect with people, Be ready to experience adventure tourism, a blast of common sense, and a great program to set you on the right path. Are you Hooked on to the thought yet?

    Big Responsibilities

With great adventure comes great responsibility.  Not only do you get to meet new people, design exciting trips, sample different cuisines, and guide folks on an adventure they’ll never forget; you’ll also learn and practice high quality control.

For any technical adventure, like rock climbing or rafting, you’ll have to earn the appropriate certifications.  You’ll have to meet standard safety & training requirements through coursework.  You’ll work to achieve the ISO Safety Standards for Adventure Travel.  In short-you’ll aim for the gold standard in guiding and hospitality.


By finding the right program to give you the credentials that you need.

    Love Challenges???

You’ll learn to overcome them in this field every single day, in the field and in your course of study.  Put your assumptions aside.  Know that when you’re an adventure guide you’re creating an experience for others not just yourself.

You’ll probably need to do a bulk of the grunt work, like the cooking and cleaning.  You’ll have to do all the trip planning and gear maintenance.

You’ll answer questions.  You’ll stay out of your participants’ way but be within reach to help.  You’ll lead.  You’ll intervene.  You’ll keep personal opinions to yourself.  It’s always easier said than done but, always worth doing.  (Cont’d Next Page)If you would Want to participate in a fast-growing, never-boring, push-yourself-to-the-limit degree?


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Iceland’s Keilir Academy offers world-class training for aspiring adventure guides.  Their Adventure Guide program offers an international eight-month university program in Iceland for any adventure sport from white water kayaking to surfing.  Yes! There’s surfing in Iceland!

Pennsylvania’s Northampton Community College has a new adventure tourism degree for students to earn a 30-credit specialize diploma or an associate’s degree through the school’s hospitality program.  They partner with local adventure companies to give students the skills and confidence they need to become adventure guides.

Train to be an adventure guide and earn one of at least thirty-five industry certifications with an Adventure Guide Diploma from Thompson Rivers University.

Adventure tourism is about more than adrenaline and excitement. It takes logistical skills and the ability to instruct others. Hone these skills with a Bachelor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership at Montana State University Billings.

If you love the cold and winter sports, consider a Bachelor in Arctic Adventure Tourism at the Arctic University of Norway.

Maximize the potential of your existing qualifications with distance learning in Adventure Sports at Liberty University Online.

New Zealand is known for its outdoor culture and adventure potential. Earn your Diploma in Adventure Tourism at ToiOhomai Institute of Technology on the North Island.

Career in Adventure Tourism in India

There are a lot of opportunities to make a career in Adventure Tourism in India with a lot of courses for undergraduates, and those pursuing post graduation, there are many colleges, universities and private institutes that offer Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, diplomas, certificates or distance learning courses in various sectors of travel and tourism such as management in tourism, travel or hotels, tour operation or airline management, destination management, airline ticketing, travel administration etc.You can join an undergraduate course right after completing class 12 The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India approved post-graduation degree in this field is a two-year full time programme which gets you an MTA degree, a Master of Tourism Administration. Certain universities such as the Indian Institution of Tourism and Travel offer this degree

A post graduate degree can be helpful in getting into Positions as managers or in administration need a post graduate degreeShort term training programmes are offered by many travel agencies. Most candidates are absorbed.

You can also opt for vocational courses to get a B Voc degree.

Here is a list of courses available in India

»                            MBA Tourism

»                            MBA Tourism and Hotel Management

»                            MBA Travel and Tourism

»                            Master of Tourism Administration (MTA)

»                            Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management

»                            Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and

Travel Industry Management (PGDTTIM)

»                            Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management                                              (Correspondence/ Distance Education)

»                            Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management

»                            PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

(Correspondence/ Distance Education)

»                            Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and

Tourism Management

»                            Post Graduate Diploma in Travel Management


»                            Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Leisure                                   Management (PGDM – TL)