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Candida Louis Solo Biking From India to Australia

Candida Louis is an Indian girl from Hubli who has not only biked across 24 states in India and covered over 34,000 kms but also completed her incredible solo bike journey from Bangalore to Sydney. She has also led biking tours in seven countries and ridden in more than 25 countries. But just about five or six years ago, Candida wasn’t the Candida Louis we know today. She was just one of us who left her hometown in Hubli and relocated to Bangalore to work full time with an MNC. “I’d just sit there in the office and keep staring out of the window, desperately wanting to be out there and not indoors. I wanted to feel free which I hardly did while sitting in the office for long hours. My passion to be outdoors, riding my bike and travelling to wherever I wanted got the better of my patience with the routine at the office, and the day finally came when I decided to quit my job and choose biking as my career.”

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Dexter Manning Longboarder

Dexter Manning flies so fast and smooth it is often under the radar. Hailing from the middle east of Canada, Dexter has a classic Ontario skate resume from Club 54 to an ES patch and like many of the legends before him, all the skills despite none of the hills. Making regular skate trips to find the hills he craves, Dex even spent last year in BC making the most of the terrain, events and community. Dexter is never aiming to be in the spotlight. He’s humble, happy, funny and friendly. More often than not you’ll find Dexter on a speedboard, ripping hands down and taking as many runs as he can with the homies versus filming and chasing insta likes.

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White Tailed Eagle

The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) is a very large species of sea eagle widely distributed across temperate Eurasia. As are all eagles, it is a member of the family Accipitridae (or accipitrids) which includes other diurnal raptors such as hawks, kites, and harriers. One of up to eleven members in the genus Haliaeetus, which are commonly called sea eagles, it is also referred to as the white-tailed sea-eagle. Sometimes, it is known as the ern or erne (depending on spelling by sources), gray sea eagle and Eurasian sea eagle

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