Young entrepreneurs from Manipur promotes eco-tourism

Northeast is revered with unspoiled nature and the region is home to many picture like perfect unexplored destinations and yet highly potential for tourist spots.

Leaving the comfortable job and opportunities in the metropolitan cities, these nine young lads from the landlocked state of had moved back-home and now has set up their exclusive adventures organization ‘Chiko Adventures’ in their home town, Ukhrul District, which is 84 kms away from

Realizing the huge potentials and head full of dreams to fulfill, these young entrepreneurs, amidst the small shards of mountains engulfed in a candy of and blacktop road spiraling around its endless curves, gave birth to Chiko Adventures in 2016 with funding from their own pockets.

At the same time, seeing the potentials in tourism, engulfed with full lush greeneries and yet no authorities’ efforts are seen to promote the blessings and nature’s beauty, these nine young men took a step further and give back to the community, a glimpse of hope and change.

Since then, there’s no turning back for Chiko team and strives more to harness tourism and promote ecotourism in Ukhrul district and the neighboring places as a tourists’ hub.

The name ‘Chiko’ meaning the number nine in Tangkhul dialect which is mainly used by the Tangkhul Nagas, the native inhabitants of Ukhrul District in

The young entrepreneurs firmly believed that by promoting the district as a tourist spot, tourism itself can drastically help improve the economic upliftment of the society by providing home stay, hotels, tourist guide, etc. to the tourists.

Since the inception of Chiko, they have had organized various camping, trekking, cycle rally and mountain biking and sun-rise watch to different tourist attractions in and around the hill district.

“It was so great being with Chiko team. They are very professional and unity between the team is so strong. I am very satisfied with their way of dealing with their campers and I enjoyed a lot. And I look forward to be with the team again,” said Phapha Gachui, Miss 2016.

“For me, it’s an incredible experienced. I really had good times and met a lot of friends. What Chiko team is doing is really amazing. I personally really appreciates what they are doing, initiative, challenges and resources they are putting on. It is amazing of what they are doing for this land and the society,” added Chingri, another camper.

They, also continuously encouraged people to take up adventure activities and promote eco-friendly tourism as a community and also attend various adventure trainings and events themselves whenever the opportunity pops up.

Strapped in their camping gears and armors, the team up for challenging task to bring forth the thrilling adventures, by exploring the enchanting places and yet unexplored destinations along with the known places like Shirui Peak, Mova Cave, Khankhui Cave etc. of the hill district.

The team is now all gear up for outdoor adventures for the upcoming Shirui Lily festival, one of the premier festivals of Manipur, scheduled to be held from 16th to 21st May, 2017 in Ukhrul District.

As a way for source of income for the group, the team also rent out camping equipments like tents, sleeping bags and mountain bikes at minimal rates and aims to grow more in different aspects with the ultimate goal of promoting the pristine beauty of Ukhrul District across the globe.



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