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Rehabilitation Centre for Birds – Shuka Vana

Sage and seer, His Holiness Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, the Founder of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore, India, is recognised far and wide for his extraordinary vision and compassionate heart.

Sri Swamiji has established Shuka Vana (Parrot Park), a rehabilitation centre for birds in the serene premises of Sri Ganapathy  Sachchidananda  Ashrama. This  park has numerous rare and colourful species of Parrots from the world over.

Shuka Vana most importantly gives shelter to injured & uncared birds with a high degree of commitment and compassion. Sri Swamiji has taken a serious resolve to take care of physically challenged birds that are not receiving proper care with their owners who have lost interest in them.

Sri Swamiji says “When we see the smile of another individual we respond with a smile, recognizing and acknowledging the sameness of species, even if we do not share the same language, culture, or ethnicity. But we do not do the same with animals, birds, reptiles, or insects.

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“A parrot, on the other hand, naturally identifies with and shares the expressions of all those whom it notices around it,  regardless of species. It empathizes with everyone and everything that it comes in contact with, and blends its voice with theirs. It makes no distinction, be it a speaking or coughing  human a meowing cat, a mooing cow, a barking dog, a ringing telephone, a beating hammer, a slamming car door, or a beeping electronic gadget.

Anything that makes a movement or a sound attracts a parrot’s attention and it mimics the sound and sometimes the movement with as much accuracy as its capacity will allow. Its talent for reproducing human speech and songs arises out of this empathy and inclusiveness, granting it the required level of concentration to grasp the nuances of sound. Because it ignores the differences, a parrot is not intimidated at the magnitude of the task of learning to speak different tongues or repeating the sounds made by different objects.” says Sri Swamiji.

Sri Swamiji declares, based on  ancient Indian texts, that parrots have the ability to travel into invisible spiritual dimensions and to convey essential nourishment to departed human souls. He shares with us hitherto unknown significant facts about parrots according to Numerology, Astrology, Musicology, and Yoga.

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Sri Swamiji says that birds are vital to the existence of the human race and that their alarmingly diminishing numbers in recent times do not bode well. He urges the halting of needless deforestation and pollution of the atmosphere. He appeals for a better informed, sensitive, reverential, and friendly treatment of the avian species.

The Shuka Vana is a distinctive aviary where one gets the most astonishing opportunity of being in the divine presence of the living, breathing deity that presides over one’s own zodiac sign, and a parrot that represents one’s planet and birth date. Here you will find the parrot that stands as a symbol for each day of the month as well. It is of great benefit to individuals to view these rare birds. The reverence shown to these parrots will exert a strong positive influence on their lives. Offering services to the parrot such as feeding, housing, training, and health maintenance, will enhance both the individual’s worldly and spiritual lives.

Shuka Vana compassionately gives shelter to injured & uncared birds also. Sri Swamiji has taken a serious resolve to take care of physically challenged birds that are not receiving proper care with their owners who have lost interest in them.

His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji  has been a leading light in the conceptualization and propagation of  Music for Meditation & Healing. Sri Swamiji’s music is soothing, relaxing and amazingly
articulate. Sri Swamiji completely understands the varying vibrational qualities of the different Ragas-the musical modes of the classical Indian music. During concerts, He creates an ocean of sound, playing music that is at once relaxing and soothing, interspersed with passages that are stimulating and energizing.

Sri Swamiji has been touring the globe for over 25 years popularizing the ancient “Raga Ragini Vidya”.
Sri Swamiji’s main instrument is the synthesizer-the Datta Veena as He calls it – which is capable of producing sounds of various instruments.

The versatility of the instrument coupled with the genius of Sri Swamiji produces the ultimate musical effect with unusual artistic tapestry.

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Just as the colors of the rainbow emerge from white, Ragas emerge out of Nada, the primal sound OM. Colors and pure sounds have immense curative powers. Intense research has yielded the truth to Sri Swamiji that a specific bird of a distinct hue and a soothing chirp, can be associated with of each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Sri Swamiji was inspired by the singing of these birds to compose and play the 12 unique healing
melodies, especially suited for each Zodiac sign. The birds have lent their ‘singing’ to these tunes. These health – giving tunes restore balance in the body and mind.

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