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Nature’s gift to mankind is amazing! with innumerable resources, among the natural resources plant kingdom is unique. Flowering plants within the plant kingdom attracts all living beings for various mutual benefits. There are several components in the ecosystem and each one of these living entities have a role in this vibrant ecosystem. Man has always been the part of the ecosystem and has mutual relationship with various biota in the ecosystem. The plant kingdom has been serving the humanity for their economic, ecological, Socio cultural and medicinal purposes. Both tangible and intangible benefits have been reaped from these different entities in the ecosystem. Having said this, man with his ingenuity has made use of these plant resources (especially higher plants) and maximized his benefits and at the same time made some efforts (after a reality check!) for conservation of this resource in some ways. Whether these efforts are adequate enough to sustain the resources for future usage is a different question altogether.

Rose is known as ‘Queen of flowers’ for a very long time and of course even now! and along with Roses host of other flowers such as Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Anthuriums, Gladioli, Alstroemerias, Tulips and lilies which are not only aesthetically attractive but also commercially important. These dominated the cut flower industry for a long time. In comes the Orchid, (Picture 1) the whole scenario changes and almost the orchids have taken over as the ‘leader’. One wonders how did orchids have taken over this new position? and what is so special about orchids? Let us try to look into the intricacies and mystique surrounding orchids which always made them an elusive and much sought after flowering plant.
Orchids belongs to the family Orchidaceae. Orchids are known to exist long before humans arrived on this planet. Genetic studies have indicated that orchids may have been there earlier some 76-84 million years ago during the late cretaceous period. Some are of the opinion that they are even older and may go back roughly 100 million years ago. These observations indicate that orchids were one of the oldest flow
ering plants on earth. This is further supported by the fact that orchids exist literally on every region
on earth except the glaciers.

Some orchids are also found in the arctic circle. Orchids are unique and unparalleled plant group with enticing floral designs and intricacy along with diverse plant structures. The word orchid for many signifies exotic, bizarre, mysterious and to some extent luxurious flowering plant. The lure of orchids has many unbelievable and adventurous stories by the explorers in some of the highly inhospitable and often dangerous jungles in the tropics. Orchid growing is known to be very addictive and people associated with orchids are often called as ‘Orchid maniacs’.

Orchids are of two types one is an epiphyte which grows on tree branches, and the other is terrestrial which grows in grasslands and other shady areas of forest floors. Epiphytes, though they grow on trees, they are not parasites and are capable of making their own food. Epiphytes depend on the trees only for support and anchorage. They exhibit high degree of specialization and adaptation in its plant parts. Orchids are distributed in every habitat except the glaciers. Richness in their diversity is observed in the tropics. There are 26, 567 orchid species in the world as per world checklist of selected Plant families under more than 880 genera. World over, they are mainly distributed in tropical Asia (260-300 genera), tropical America (212-250 genera) and tropical Africa (230-270 genera)

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’, orchids are potentially almost immortal. Of all the flowers blooming on earth at any one point of time, it is estimated that one in four Is an orchid (Picture 3.). The mystery of orchid surrounds its flower, let us first take a look at it, what makes it so intriguing and captivating. First of all, the size of the flower comes in all sizes. Huge flowers of Phalaenopsis, Vandas, and even Dendrobiums on one side and the smallest of the flowers comes from Brazil measuring half millimeter Campylocentrum insulare. The world’s biggest orchid plant is still Grammatophyllum speciosum (see next page for pics.) with a well grown half ton plant perching on branches of a tree and on occasions, bringing down the branch unable to wear the weight of the plant.




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