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This is where we do the things that need doing. Out of love. It’s our little way of saying Thank You to the city we love.

And to all you wonderful people who support us and our Beloved Bangalore by joining our walks and tours.

Victorian Bangalore Walk

Victorian Bangalore Walk

Traverse history from the fall of Tipu in 1799 to the turn of the 20th Century.

Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837, just a few years after the establishment of the British Cantonment in Bangalore.

This quiet little town in South India grew quite spectacularly over the next 70 years. The seeds of Bangalore’s current persona – its leadership in technology, industry, scientific research & aerospace, its pubs, greenery, sporting culture and cosmopolitanism, as also the traffic chaos, demographic diversity and attractiveness to immigrants – were sown at different times and places in the Victorian era.

Great introduction to Bangalore. Breezy walk. Loads of information and entertainment. Walk down the history of a very happening city

– Janardhan Roye, history buff and columnist in Deccan Herald

You know why Bangalore is on the minds of 21st century Americans – now learn why 19th century Britain was just as excited about this city

– Manohar Rao, long-time resident Bangalore resident

A very good reason to be up early on a week-end. Perhaps as stimulating as golf on a three hour course.

– Krishna Chidambi, another long-time Bangalore resident

Green Heritage Walk

with Vijay Thiruvady

Green Heritage Walk

Many thanks for the Lalbagh walk. I can’t remember when I have had such a delightful time re-exploring a venue I thought I knew intimately. In three hours your ‘walk’ brings to life history, environment, botany, culture, landscape architecture, gardening and food—unpeeling an unknown Bangalore/Bengaluru. I have been recommending it to all my friends. More power to you and Arun.

– Girish Karnad

Our walkers have included

Zafar Futehally, Nirupama Rao Menon (Senior Diplomat), Dr. W Kalfoken (Harvard Smithsonian), Prof. J. Henry (Johns Hopkins), residents of over a dozen countries including Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Guadeloupe, India, Singapore, and of course, hundreds of Bangalore residents – those who walk here regularly as well as those who have never been to Lalbagh before.

Military Heritage Walk

Military Heritage Walk

Come and discover Bangalore’s Military Heritage!

Join us on a walking tour of the MEG & C and hear the stories of the valour, gallantry and courage of the “Thambi” who has served from 1800 onwards in Egypt, Ava (Burma), Java, Persia, Abyssinia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Mesopotamia, Crimea, Gallipoli, France & Flanders, South Africa and German East Africa and most places in the Sub-continent.

The “Thambi” has built Bailey bridges at 18,300 ft., the highest airfields at 12,000 ft, roads from the Red Sea to the Abyssinian capital Magdala at 5500 ft, railroads in India and elsewhere, invented the Bangalore Torpedo used worldwide, has served and led UN peacekeeping missions from the Congo across to Cambodia. Though established as an engineering enabling unit, the ‘Thambi” has also served as a combat/assault force in different theatres of war.

These were the Madras Pioneers and later – Madras Sappers & Miners who were the “ First Soldiers Of The Empire” and Free India’s Finest now housed (since 1865) in Bangalore.

Bangalore Walks is privileged to take you for a tour through the MEG & C Museum and War Memorial

How long is the walk?

We walk barely 1km over 2 hrs with several stops. That’s easy!

And we treat you well. In addition to a guided walk, you get:

– A heartening breakfast

– An exclusive look at areas not normally open to the public

– A chance to meet others with similar interests

A testimonial from Ujjwala Murthy:

The Military heritage walk at MEG was truly truly memorable. I am not a history buff and came on this walk out of curiosity but was totally blown by the history of the Madras Sappers and Miners. So many things made this walk memorable, just highlighting a few:

It was such a great experience to be part of the first military heritage walk and getting a glimpse of what is behind the MEG walls. Looking forward to the other walks now and hope more and more people sign up and experience the Military Heritage walk…I have started spreading the word around!! Thank you again for this opportunity to be part of the walk. Totally loved it!

Cubbon Park Walk

Cubbon Park Walk

This central park is more than just a park – it is a repository of the city’s history

The Walk will cover the architecture of some major buildings of the 1860s, the history and contribution of the 5 people whose statues are erected at Cubbon Park, the greenery at Cubbon Park and some special people who walk through Cubbon Park in the 20th century – including Rumale, Anderson and Ronald Ross.

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Over 30,000 people have experienced our walks & tours in the past 10 years

We respect those who took the time for a tour with us

NR Narayana Murthy (Chairman, Infosys), Nandan Nilekani (CEO, Infosys), Rick Waddle (CEO, Northern Trust), Jack Little (CEO, The MathWorks), Eli Broad, Penny Brown (advisor to Madeleine Albright), Sophie Fallou (Director, Shell), Joe Podolny (Dean – Yale School of Business), Mitchell Adams (Dean, Harvard Medical School), Lord & Lady Cornwallis, Ravi Venkatesam (CEO, Microsoft India), Kevin Smith (President, Fidelity India), Marcel Hungerbuehler (CEO- Bengaluru Int’l Aiport), Anand Mahajan (MD, Saint-Gobain), Vijay Taparia (MD, Supreme Industries), S Salgaocar (MD, Salgaocar & Bros), Pradip Shah (Chairman, IndAsia), Venu Nair (CEO, Marks & Spencer India), Crissy Carpenter (CEO, Paley Centre for Media), Kanwal Rekhi (Co-Founder, TiE), Scott Stallard (HP), Christopher Perrigo (Target), Abhik Mitra (MD – TNT India), Dr Nagaraja Rao (former Dir Gen, Archaeological Survey of India).