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Aghanashini River Bank


‘Self possessions are always undermined and other’s possessions seem better’, this proverb best suits my thoughts when it comes to the flora and
fauna in my own native place, Uttara Kannada.

Towards the north of the hustle bustle town Kumta in the Uttara Kannada district of the Karnataka state is the river Aghanashini which joins the Arabian sea providing an eye-catching sunset, serenity and peace!

Aghanashini River bank is a treasure house of known and unknown flora, fauna and best suited weather for birding; which resulted in exploration of 70+ species of birds and that too in a mere 2kms walk beside the river bank.

Spectacular array of wading birds, predatory birds, tree birds in their natural habitat. Its practically impossible to showcase the entire range of bird species of the Aghanashini river bank, but here is a short list for all the birding enthusiasts to plan your next birding tour to this symphony and spectrum of birding called  “Aghanashini ”.

To offer you  a glimpse of the vivid variety of birds that frequent the banks of the river Aghanashini

Purple Heron, Grey Heron, Pond heron, Common Kingfisher ,White Throated Kingfisher,Pied Kingfisher,Baya weavers, Egrets ,Brahminy Kite, Common Kite,Jacobin Cuckoo, Stilts ,Ibis, Sandpiper ,Shrike, Cormorant ,Tri-Colored Muniya ,Green Bee Eater,Common crane ,Sunbirds ,Koel ,Tailor bird,Priniya,                    Red vented Bulbul ,White Browed bulbul,Common Iora,Water hen,Indian Roller ,Black headed oriole, and many more…

I even took out a moment to think why do nature enthusiasts like birding? What is so special about birds? I think it is the sheer variety of bird species that fascinates most of them!

It would be surely impossible to get bored doing birding at the Aghanashini river bank

Though bird-watching is an enthusiasm and a hobby to many of us….

I remember that during my childhood my father made our home garden so favourable for birds to perch and feed that Our garden became a ballroom for birds for dancing and swirling to their tunes. It used to give us immense satisfaction that we made a vital contribution to the conservation of our local environment.

I also would like to salute the people staying in and around the river bank… who have made sure not to disturb or harm the natural flora and fauna of that area and protect it to a great extent which results in survival and sustenance of mammoth of native and endangered birds.

We all need to understand that a slightest of disturbance in the natural flora and fauna by we humans might result in huge eco – imbalance. Save Nature. Save Future.

And long live the habitat and the birds of the beautiful Aghanashini River!

Ravi Shastri

Self-taught photographer.

Digital Marketing Consultant.

Travel Freak. Wanderlust!

Founder Thrilltrail

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