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A Racey Morris Major!

Who said boys should have all the fun, right? This Bengalurean lass has a mind of her own and a list of achievements including first runner-up Ladies Open Class at the CEAT Sprint Rally 2017 & second runner-up Ladies Open Class at Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare 2017. Camilla Morris, a 24-year- old MBA graduate found her passion for dirt bike rally racing a couple of years ago when two friends pointed out that she rode her gear bikes with skill.

Getting into the racing world was a natural course of action for this alumnus from Mount Carmel College, who says, “Two of my friends introduced me to the racing field. I enjoy dirt racing and there are plenty of races every couple of months.” She is a member of Team MBC from Kammanahalli, that has been pivotal to her professional journey as a racer. This year, Camilla has participated in several gruelling races.

The most demanding one of these was the Dakshin Dare that happened over six days. About her experience at this race she says, “My aim was to complete the rally. I didn’t have much time to prepare for it as it was at the last minute that I found out that I would be riding. Even though I fell a couple of times, and got injured initially, I’m happy that I was able to finish the rally.  I hope I get to do it again next year!”

The sheer adrenaline rush from riding at high speeds keeps Camilla dreaming about the mud tracks. Her participation in these bike rallies is a clear sign of more female presence at arenas that were previously understood to be a man’s domain. “There is a notion that girls can’t do such things but that has definitely changed now. The acceptance is growing. Large numbers of women are participating in dirt and circuit races and they get to showcase their talent. I want to break all those barriers and I hope more women come forward in the racing field,” she says.

Camilla is currently on a break from her work. She dreams of owning a Honda CRF 450 someday. Her incredible rigour to learn from her mistakes at the races has kept her focused on fitness and building her concentration as she hopes to become a full-time racer!

Two of my friends introduced me to the racing field. I enjoy dirt racing and there are plenty of races every couple of months.

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